What is Geriatric Care Management?

Geriatric Care management is a process of organizing and coordinating care for the elderly, the mentally and physically impaired in order to improve their quality of life and their long term care needs.

Who is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric care managers are professionals with background in social work, nursing, psychology and human services. They are primarily specialized in elder care issues and trained to assist caregivers.

Why need a Geriatric care manager?

  • A geriatric manager can help make caregiving decisions. Whenever family members fell their private life is very busy and they do not have the time to make care decisions for their loved ones, geriatric manager steps in to help make those decisions. They help navigate through easy transition between hospitals, rehab, memory care and nursing homes if needed. They also help evaluate the ability for elders to care for themselves  
  • A geriatric manager can assess the living situations of elders and recommend adjustment or changes when necessary. These changes could be home modification to suit elder's need. If needed, a geriatric manager can also recommend moving to a facility.  
  • A geriatric manager help you save money by assessing short-term or long-term support then offer suggestions on how to spend wisely.  
  • If loved ones are moving into a facility, the geriatric manager help facilitate and co-ordinate easy and peaceful transition. 
  • A geriatric manager help provide caregiver support. Family caregiver usually tries to take a lot because they feel they are obligated to take care of their elders. The geriatric manager will help share the burden and can also make suggestions on ways family caregivers can support their loved ones.

 A care manager's job is to make things easy for families and loved one so if you have never used a care manager before, feel free to give us a call for more information