Payment Options

We provide multiple payment options to help with the cost of care. Our care manager works with you to help when it comes to identifying programs you may qualify for. You do not have to worry about paper works for reimbursement because we help you take care of that as well.

Examples are:

  • Private payment
  • Private insurance
  • Workers compensation

Our Process

We get referrals from nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, adult centers, and primary care. 

icare adult home care services will not collect payment information from any of these facilities. It will be the responsibility of the client/patient or family to provide payment method from the options listed above. 

However, icare Adult home care service can work with private insurance company after necessary information is updated by patient. Please note that payments for any service rendered should not be given to any of our staffs that provides care for you. All payment should be made to icare adult home services.

For more information on our service, insurance, and payment options please email or contact us by clicking the contact us button below.

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